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Intercultural Communication

Understanding how to understand each other

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."  Carl Jung

The art of communicating effectively in different cultural settings

In a more and more multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environment, International Communication skills are a vital and powerful key to feel at ease in society, to be accepted, avoiding misunderstandings, and managing successfully your personal and business life.

This training course is offering you the opportunity to learn how to behave and manage ordinary private and business situations when people involved come from different countries, religions, and belief systems. You will learn basic skills to make you switch easily from one context to another facing different people, making of you a pleasant diplomatic person people would like to spend time or have business together.

In terms of personal growth, this course will also give you valuable information on how to become more conscious and clear about “who you are”. Only by facing what is different we can understand what we are and where we come from.

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