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Nomen est omen!

Ansus Consulting takes its name from Ansuz, the conventional name given to the a-rune of the runic alphabet. Ansuz is primarily Odin's rune and represents communication, creativity, inspiration, consciousness, controlled and divine power.

It also encompasses the ideas of wisdom, knowledge, reason, and of instruction and good advice.

Concepts closely connected to Ansus Consulting, meaningful for personal development as well as important skills for success.


Arthur Rubinstein said: “Of course there is no formula for success, except perhaps an unconditional acceptance of life, and what it brings.”

Acceptance of life is lifelong learning process - a process that makes us permanently grow. However, life is also what we make out of it. Besides acceptance, life offers us many ways to move things in the desired direction, move things toward an abundant life. In other words: toward success! We simply have to reach for it. How so?

Coaching with Ansus Consulting is based on the principle that we already carry all the resources to be successful within us. They just have to be made accessible.

Ansus Consulting offers you tailored coaching and consulting solutions to get you closer to your goal by providing knowledge and methods dedicated to personal and career growth. What is your stake? Look at the chart below – Ansus Consulting’s formula to success.

Ansus Consulting’s formula for success

We agree with Mr. Rubinstein in that there is no universal formula for success. Because success is subjective. It means different things to different people and is as unique as an individuals fingerprint.

However, if we want to reach a goal, some factors are absolutely vital...

formula for success

The main factors for success are

  • passion: This is the part, you come into play. Love what you do! If not, you will not be happy.
  • experience: Experience comes with time, practice, perseverance, and patience. The more experience you have in a certain field, the more confident and determined you are likely to be - a huge advantage toward reaching your goals. Even if you are completely new to a field or activity, if you are really willing to apply yourself you can learn about it and become a real expert. A prerequisite for this excellence is knowledge, transmitted by appropriate methods. Here comes Ansus Consulting into play...

  • knowledge & methods: Success is not a destination, it is a journey. If you want to make more, then you must become more. It is all about making yourself more valuable by improving your knowledge and skills set - often a hard task to do. Ansus Consulting likes to facilitate your journey, extending your knowledge in the fields of thinking-related topics and communication. In order to make knowledge accessible, one needs suitable methods, designed to empower our minds. Ansus Consulting offers you powerful methods, which gives you fresh perspectives and open new horizons.  


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