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Time Management

How to get everything done by doing less

 "Ordinary people think merely of spending time. Great people think of using it."              Unknown

Time Management – Reduce stress and improve productivity and personal life

What is Time Management?

Do you often feel stressed out with too much of workload? Do you feel like you have more tasks on hand than you have time to do them or you could have effectively use your time to complete all the given tasks? Time is one of our most precious assets. It is therefore all the more important to develop successful strategies for managing our time to balance the conflicting demands of time for work, leisure, family, friends and personal growth.

The aim of managing time is to spend time doing the things that help us achieve our goals and the things we personally prioritize and value. Or in other words: successful time management will help us to become more effective in completing the tasks that we have to complete, so there is more time available to spend on things that are important to us.

Effective time management involves planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time we spend on all of the tasks of running a business as well as our personal life to get things done in the most productive manner. We simply have to learn to use our time more wisely by applying some effective time management techniques. This leads us to the next question...

How to manage time effectively?

Using time more effectively involves knowledge about

  • goal setting

  • tools for priorization

  • managing interruptions

  • how to overcome procrastionation

  • scheduling

  • your personal time management style


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To access the methods of effective time management, Ansus Consulting provides tailored solutions, which are designed to facilitate your way to success. Skills can be imparted in intensive individual coaching sessions as well as in group seminars.